Civita Tre Venezie srl announced from 8 April to 13 May 2020 a photocontest via instagram called #StoriedAmoreaiTreOci for the selection of photographic works that were to describe the particular moment of forced closure experienced in the past months through a story or a love message.

The photographic works have been evaluated and selected by the Artistic Director Denis Curti, and on 3 June 2020 the winner was decreed, who will have the opportunity to exhibit their photograph at the Casa dei Tre Oci for 30 days, when it is reopened!



On April 25, in addition to the anniversary of the Liberation, the feast of San Marco is also celebrated in Venice. Some florists, in response to the coronavirus emergency, organized themselves with a home delivery service, to bring the traditional red bud (bócolo) to the homes, which is offered on this occasion to loved women.

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