Marco Maria Zanin - Layers of time in the Church of Sant'Agnese

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Marco Maria Zanin

Layers of time in the Church of Sant'Agnese



22 September - 18 October 2020


Sale De Maria

Casa dei Tre Oci



From 22 September 2020 the Alberto Peruzzo Foundation is pleased to present the new photographic project by Marco Maria Zanin at the Sale De Maria of the Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice, Layers of time in the Church of Sant’Agnese.

Marco Maria Zanin (Padua, 1983) is an artist and researcher who uses photography as the main, but not the only, means of expression: his works are an immersion into what time has transformed, the search for balance and a new road towards the future that enhances the passage of time and its traces; there is attention to tradition, the signs of man and the tools with which he modifies the environment and the territory, from architecture to the tools of yesterday and today. With photography he tries to restore meaning and context to these stratifications in contemporary society: in his works past and present overlap, light and highly poetic signs trace a new interpretative path made of empty spaces and silences, in an attempt to connect and reconnect ties that always put man and his harmonious relationship with the environment at the center.

For these reasons, the Alberto Peruzzo Foundation has decided to entrust Marco Maria Zanin with a photographic project that interprets the physical and scenographic presence of the empty spaces of the Church of Sant'Agnese, which for years has been the subject of complex restorations and soon ready to open, becoming the headquarters of the Foundation itself and a place for art and culture projects.

The Church of Sant'Agnese in Padua, built prior to 1202, a former sacred place today deconsecrated, is a sort of scenic space that, in several phases of its life, has seen different identities alternate: a place of worship during the Middle Ages , in the eighteenth century its structure was modified only to be bombed during the Second World War - the rectory was partially destroyed and never restored -, and deconsecrated in 1947, until it was sold to private individuals who, from the end of the 1940s, 'have transformed into a garage whose activity ceased at the end of the eighties, only to be definitively abandoned.

Zanin intervened inside the building during the restoration, trying to immortalize those signs and fragments from which the stories and events of Sant'Agnese spring.

The exhibition at the Casa dei Tre Oci displays 13 large and medium format shots and is accompanied by a critical text by Enrico Gusella, which underlines how “... photography, as a narrative system, becomes for Zanin the visual dimension in which the signs present - beams, fragments, bells, reliefs, capitals, bricks, lunettes, gaps - these are the key elements as an example on which to reconstruct and re-compose everything ... And the fragments immortalized by Zanin become the chapters of an open work, which unfolds through postponements and references, forms and signs or a battle on the field - Sant'Agnese has seen many wars, and most recently found itself to be a warehouse, a workshop, a shelter for mobile and moving objects: repair. And reading Zanin's photographs, along this selected collection, is then the way to give substance to a story, to identify the sources of a contemporary archeology under discussion, in a transversal work of continuous mutation. "

And precisely on the fragment, or rather on the fragments, as a system of signs - an ancient and archaeological way of perceiving and representing things and objects, but also forms and configurations - the photographic investigation of Marco Maria Zanin on history and stratifications develops. of the Church of Sant'Agnese in Padua.

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Marco Maria Zanin (Padua, 1983) graduated first in Literature and Philosophy and then in International Relations.
Artist and researcher, moving between the media of photography and sculpture, he develops a research that intersects art and anthropology, towards a reinterpretation of local heritages and popular traditions belonging to small communities from different parts of the world. Currently a PhD student in Anthropology at ISCTE in Lisbon, he lives between Padua, Lisbon and Sao Paulo.
Personal exhibitions include As obras e os dias (2017) curated by Jacopo Crivelli Visconti, at the Pivô Arte and Pesquisa, San Paolo; God is in the fragments (2017) curated by Daniele De Luigi at the Civic Gallery of Modena. In 2019 he presents the 'Wounds / loopholes' series with a single show in the PRISME section of Paris Photo, at the Grand Palais.
His works are contained in public and private collections in Italy and around the world, including MART in Rovereto, Galleria Civica in Modena, GAM - Gallery of Modern Art in Genoa, Salsali Museum in Dubai, Museo Morandi, MAM in Rio de Janeiro.
In 2015 he was the founder of Humus Interdisciplinary, a platform that organizes residencies for artists and researchers with the aim of dynamizing heritage that do not fully express their potential, especially in rural areas of Veneto and Portugal.


We thank San Lorenzo Yacht for the preparation of the exhibition and Distilleria Nardini 1779 for participating in the inauguration. 



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