Following the great success of the Elliott Erwitt PERSONAL BEST exhibition, the Casa dei Tre Oci presents a world premier retrospective of one of the greatest Italian photographers: Gianni Berengo Gardin.

The most complete anthological exhibition of the master. A unique and unmissable exhibition of 130 photos, curated by Denis Curti (artistic director of the Casa dei Tre Oci), who accompanied him on an immense analogical journey among the hundreds of black and white photographic prints that make up his immense archive, to reread all his shots, including those unpublished or rediscovered.

The exhibition is produced by Civita Tre Venezie and Contrasto with the support of Veneto Banca and the Regione Veneto.

Gianni Berengo Gardin considers this exhibition the most representative of his career. On display are more than 130 analogue prints that trace his work as a reporter and are the mirror of an artist who has made ethics his banner. Berengo Gardin wanted to look back through all his production: the past exhibitions, the books (more than 200) the newspapers and the magazines to reread everything through the eyes of the present, to select those pictures that would best recount his story, a synthesis of his journey as a photographer, from his debut to the last picture taken with a digital camera, of a young couple kissing in the street. 130 photos that retrace the career of the great Italian master who more than any other has been able to recover and renew the visual language of our country: Venice and Milan, the psychiatric institutions and the Basaglia law, the Venice Art Biennale and the gypsies, the fundamental reportage entitled Inside the Homes and New York, Vienna and Great Britain, his extraordinary experience with the Touring Club, which inspired him to discover the most hidden corners of our country, and the photos that have until now remained unpublished and are being presented here for the first time. An observant narrator of everyday life, in all its multiple aspects and its evolution, he is an artist who has immortalised the history of Italy in more than a million shots.

Born in the 1940s, he prefers black and white, not only for generational reasons, but because ‘colour distracts the photographer and the observer’. Considered by many to be the most representative of Italian photographers, for almost 50 years he has pursued an important and always consistent task of social inquiry, in a constant search for objectivity of communication and quality of image. ‘And the images are what count.’ An enthusiasm for the street, for ordinary people met by chance, surprising embraces stolen in everyday life: in every photo, each one of us finds a little of himself, his story, his memories. His photos are capable of evoking simple and precious life, they cross through fields and squares, recount the story and sinuous paths of life. They are archetypes of the Italian imagination, they touch us and immediately become familiar. People, objects, close-ups, historical monuments. Tangible, never abstract images, but above all real images. In Gianni Berengo Gardin’s photography the human figures, when they appear, recount moments of timeless, suspended life, in a tradition of calm everyday actions that take place day after day.

The Casa dei Tre Oci, a splendid example of early 20th-century architecture built by the artist Mario De Maria, is owned by Polymnia Venezia, a subsidiary of the Fondazione di Venezia.

The exhibition in collaboration with Caffé Florian, Molino Stucky, and Coop Adriatica, will be accompanied by a catalogued published by Marsilio Editori, as well curated by Denis Curti.

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